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Legacy of Veltheria tells the story of the crew of a magical ship called Legacy, whose mission is to travel between realities. The ship was built in the world of Veltheria, whose civilisation's driving urge is to explore and learn. Here you will find notes about the setting, as well as records of what happens during the game.

Please make sure you are familiar with the game's Social Contract, established in Session Zero.

Topics by CategoryEdit

Some of the more common topics.

Concepts Edit

The core concepts of the setting and story.

  • Glossary - An index of terms with particular meaning in the setting.
  • Veltheria - The world in which the story began.
  • Paradigms - The governing principles of the universe.
  • Keystones - The cosmic artefacts which represent the Paradigms and have allowed human use of magic.
  • Veltherian Society - The culture and philosophy of present-day Veltheria.
  • Humanity - The lineages and nature of the human race.
  • Thaumatics - The defining technology of Veltheria, a blend of magic, alchemy and engineering.

Player Characters Edit

Worlds Edit

Worlds visited by the voidship Legacy in the course of its mission.

Other Characters Edit

Prominent non-player characters.

Other Places Edit

Specific notable locations in Veltheria and other worlds.

Organisations Edit

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